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VideoCharge Studio release 2.12.2 (03.17.2021)
VideoCharge Studio release 2.12.0 (10.02.2021)
VideoCharge Studio release 2.11.6 (12.22.2020)
VideoCharge Studio release 2.11.4 (11.29.2020)
VideoCharge Studio release 2.11 (10.20.2020)
VideoCharge Studio release 2.10.0 (09.19.2020)
VideoCharge Studio release 2.9.13 (07.05.2020)
VideoCharge Studio release 2.9.12 (06.20.2020)
VideoCharge Studio release 2.9.11 (06.07.2020)
VideoCharge Studio release 2.9.9 (05.25.2020)
VideoCharge Studio release 2.9.8 (04.21.2020)
VideoCharge Studio release 2.9.7 (03.22.2020)
VideoCharge Studio release 2.9.6 (01.20.2020)
VideoCharge Studio release 2.9 (09.20.2019)
VideoCharge Studio release 2.8 (08.24.2019)
VideoCharge Studio release 2.7 (07.20.2019)
VideoCharge Studio release 2.5 (04.12.2019)
VideoCharge Studio release 2.4 (03.03.2019)
VideoCharge Studio release 2.3 (12.09.2018)
VideoCharge Studio release 2.2 (10.13.2018)
VideoCharge Studio release 2.1 (08.05.2018)
VideoCharge Studio release 2.0 (07.10.2018)
VideoCharge release 3.17 (04.09.2018)
VideoCharge Studio release 1.1 (01.26.2017)
VideoCharge Studio release version 1.0 (11.05.2017)
VideoCharge 3.16 release. Watermark Master 2.2 release. (07.28.2017)
Added ability to edit files with MKV (matroska - *.mkv) type!
VideoCharge 3.15 release (07.07.2017)
Full support of H.264 codec!
VideoCharge 3.14 release (04.30.2017)
New options for making watermarks, “Not to change original format file” format, support of MP4, 3GP, 3G2 for work in “without reencoding” mode
Watermark Master 2.1 release (03.20.2017)
Support of MP4 (*.mp4), 3GP (*.3gp), 3G2 (*.3g2) formats, added ability to make video of the same format as for source file.
VideoCharge 3.13 release (02.25.2017)
Support of MPEG-4 (*.mp4) and 3GP (*.3gp). Possibility to create *.mp4 and *.3gp Video/Audio files!
VideoCharge 3.12 release (01.09.2017)
New command line parameteres. Bug fix for the previous version. New supported formats.
Watermark Master 2.0 release (27.12.2016)
The present release includes broad changes in functionality, user interface and reference system.
VidsGuard 1.0 release (18.12.2016)
The new product is intended for complete protection of videos from unauthorized viewing.
VideoCharge version 3.11 release (17.10.2016)
New dynamic variable (may be especially useful when creating video galleries). Bug-fix for the previous version.
WatermarkMaster SDK release version 1.0 (9.27.2016)
Multifunctional library for video or graphical files editing.
Watermark Master release version 1.2 (8.16.2016)
Dynamic effects, ability to add SRT subtitles and work with DVD subtitles are added!
Joint release (6.07.2016)
VideoCharge version 3.9, Watermark Master version 1.1 and the new site have been released.
VideoCharge release version 3.8 (4.19.2016)
Windows Vista is supported now!
VideoCharge release version 3.7 (11.18.2015)
Support of MP3 Audio output format. Ability to add Header/Footer video to the primary video file. DV decoding support.
VideoCharge release version 3.6 (6.21.2015)
Support of FLV (*.flv), SWF (*.swf) formats and possibility to create animated GIFs is added! Possibility to imply color edging effect to text watermarks is added!
VideoCharge Express release (3.9.2015)
The new product allows to split files, join files, etc without re-compression!
VideoCharge release version 3.5 (3.9.2015)
Support of MPEG-4 (*.mp4), possibility to edit folders with files are added!
VideoCharge release version 3.4 (1.10.2015)
New video formats are added: QuickTime Video (*.mov, *.qt), RealMedia (*.rm). Possibility to create QuickTime Video files! New features for creating Watermark Video.
VideoCharge release version 3.3 (10.7.2014)
Automatic Split by Scene, new resize algorithms (Lanczos3, Lanczos8, etc), new bitrate types for WMV (Quality VBR, Unconstrained VBR, Constrained VBR), expanded scope for watermark creation
VideoCharge release version 3.2 (8.30.2014)
Mpeg-2 encoding! WMV supports MBR now! Altered DVD encoding! New options for creating Watermarks!
VideoCharge release version 3.1 (4.20.2014)
Includes the bug-fix and the new method of Mpeg-1 coding: optimized for MMX, SSE, SSE2 (increase in output is equal 700% at the average), having an advanced coding system and ensuring perfected quality of an output video stream.
VideoCharge release version 3.0 (3.02.2014)
We provide completely updated functionality of user interface, absolutely new Help and Wizard systems, advanced Editor to define time ranges, add thumbnails, apply filters, and so on.
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