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What's New in VideoCharge 3.0

VideoCharge 3.0 is a completely modified VideoCharge 2.3. It includes all previous functionalities where some of them were redeveloped and contains a set of additional functions as well. Let us introduce the new functionalities to you:

  • Help: VideoCharge is supplied with an enhanced help system that makes your work with application easier. The help system contains descriptions of all functionalities and concepts of their usage. It also provides sufficient information about file formats, supported by VideoCharge.
  • Editor: There is a new editor of time ranges. Except a convenient and visual time ranges selection mechanism, there is a possibility to choose frames for Thumbnails creation, visually form logic of saving files, applying hierarchy tree of files and drag-and-drop technology, and other more powerful features
  • Wizard: VideoCharge 3.0 has Wizard, which includes 16 items for how to perform either applicationís function. Wizard makes simple the software usage for any users, even if they donít have special knowledge.
    Applying Wizard you can:
    • Create Watermark for Image or Video files
    • Convert Audio Files
    • Conevrt DVD, applying IFO file
    • Convert Pictures
    • Convert Video Files
    • Create effect of 25 frame
    • Create Thumbails for Image Files or Video Files
    • Create Video gallery - split video files and create thumbnails for each
    • DVD ripper
    • Grabber Video File - extract pictures from Video File
    • Join Audio Files
    • Join Pictures
    • Remove scene from Video file
    • Save scene from Video File
    • Join Video Files
    • Split Audio Files
  • User Interfice: An interface of VideoCharge 3.0 is absolutely new-made. Now it makes work with the application not only plain but friendly as well. The software interface is supplied with a set of additional features which help you work and set configuration faster and more effective
  • Filters: VideoCharge 3.0 contains a set of filters. They are intended to improve a quality of generating Video or Image files. It is achieved by making special mathematical operations on the input VideÓ stream(s) or Image file(s). Applying filters you can improve thumbnails output quality, match sharpness or blur for images, solve a problem of video interlacing (used DeInterlaced filter) and perform many other operations.
  • FTP clients: VideoCharge 3.0 for Professional includes an FTP client, which allows you to upload creating files, once after their generation, to one or several FTP servers
  • Split Technology: This technology is available only for VideoCharge 3.0 for Professional. It is intended for quick files splitting into the same time ranges. This technology provides to preview and select those files which fit for generating most of all.
  • Dynamic File Name: This technology is available only in VideoCharge 3.0 for Professional. It allows dynamically forming a path for saving of the output files
  • Command Line support: VideoCharge 3.0 for Professionals allows performing generation of Video, Audio ŤŽŤ Image by launching from the command-line. Thus it is possible to perform several files? configurations at once.
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