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We would like to inform you about release of WatermarkMaster SDK 1.0.

Our new product includes realization of all Watermark Master and mainly VideoCharge software functionalities by programming methods.
It is the library based on COM technology, well documented, with basic examples on C++. Could be applied to any programming language supporting COM objects.

That library is widely adopted. Can be used for:
  • Video, graphical files editing - cropping, converting from one format to another
  • Getting metadata from video or graphical files - for example file type, frame size, duration etc
  • Adding different types of watermarks: , graphical file - using dynamic or usual effects
  • Extracting scenes from video and parting it
  • Applying various filters, including personal ones while video editing
  • Creating Thumbnails for video files
  • Removing static objects, for example codec errors, or image
  • Has an ability of video montage
  • Supports all basic graphical and video formats
  • Enables to lay sound file on video
Above list gives only main applications. The main idea: SDK is based on Watermark Master,which enables to realize any its operation on video file.

You can use that library:
  • To make application on optimization of video or graphical content editing
  • In commercial products on video or graphical files editing
  • To create code for parting files with adding complicated watermarks
SDK is designed mostly for developers of applications on video or graphical files editing. At the same time work with WMSDK is simplyfied to the maximum, and comes to execution of some not difficult lines with code, which are documented, and explained in examples. So, even if you are a beginner in programming, you could apply WatermarkMasterSDK easily enough.
Moreover, we take orders on realization of your ideas and our support will be glad to answer all your questions.

Every WatermarkMasterSDK licence includes SDK and free licence for Watermark Master. Watermark Master application constantly improves: new functionalities appears, existed ones improve. At that WMSDK also will have several versions with new features.
And every renovation of WMSDK 1.0 will be free!

VideoCharge version 3.10.0 is also availiable!

New release includes bug fixes of previous version. Also ability to edit files with size greater then 2GB is added.

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