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WatermarkMaster SDK
WatermarkMaster SDK is a software product based on COM technology, thus and so any programming language that supports COM objects (C++, Visual Basic, JScript, Java, C##, etc) can be used for writing code.

WatermarkMaster SDK includes all functionalities supported by WatermarkMaster software. Moreover it possesses some extra features: custom effects and watermarks support, ability to edit video files more flexibly, e.g. to split video files (which cannot be done with WatermarkMaster).

WatermarkMaster SDK contains detailed documentation with examples for several programming languages, step by step description of use of basic features and other helpful information.

Every WatermarkMaster SDK license includes a free license for WatermarkMaster. This is done for more comfortable work with WatermarkMaster SDK: you can load a config file previously created with WatermarkMaster GUI, then simply call methods for adding source files and get the process going.

Here is the list of basic functionalities available when using WatermarkMaster SDK:
  • Splitting files by time or into equal parts.

  • Creation of thumbnails for each produced file.

  • Drawing watermarks (text, graphics files) with application of simple effects and dynamic ones to them.

  • Creation of dynamic watermarks - the watermarks that change their own appearance during video file playback.

  • Conversion of video files from one format to another with ability to set conversion parameters (frame rate, frame size, bitrate, etc).

  • Conversion of graphics files from one format to another.

  • Removing static objects from an image.

  • Blurring areas of an image.

  • Processing folders with files.

  • Extracting scenes from videos.

  • Adding subtitles for usual videos (from SRT files) and DVDs (DVD subtitles).

  • Ability to edit DVDs.

  • Ability to put audio files onto the audio stream of a processed video file.

  • Application of various filters (de-intrelace, blur video, crop, resize, etc) to graphics and video files.

WatermarkMaster SDK is oriented to processing sequences of files. It provides ability to use dynamic variables (e.g. %s - source file name, %r - produced file order number) for flexible generation of the output files names. Position of a watermark in the frame can be set relative to 9 predetermined points, which enables to draw watermarks in the desired area of the frame regardless of the frame size.

In other words, with WatermarkMaster SDK it is possible to perform editing of great number of files quickly and easily, without preparing for separate editing of every single file.

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