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VideoCharge Studio
With the help of VideoCharge Studio you can do the following:

The general functions of the software. Everything about video coding, working with files, creating thumbnails, description of the general functions.
Everything about adding watermark to video file or image. Application of the effects. Setupping the time of displaying watermark in the video. Working with animation.
Image editing
Everything about abilities of editing the video frame or image. Blurring of the areas. Deleting of watermarks.
Video editing
Everything about video editing. Video splitting, merging, inserting of scenes, audio editing.
Some abilities of HTML pages creation for created video files. And additional abilities: working through command line, interface.

Main Watermarking Image editing: Video editing: Extra features for creation of files for WEB: Preliminary work with files which will be created:
  • Sort created video files by the name, date, randomly or evenly (if created files are grouped by ten elements, they will be sorted as the following: first group will have the first and the last elements, second group - the second and the second to the last elements and so on).

  • Preview files which will be created, delete unnecessary or add additional files: for example, if it is necessary to cut several scenes out of the video file.

    Working with editor...

  • Distribute created files before generation. Using along with WEB galleries, it is possible to preliminary distribute files among groups as you need.

  • Preview and select the most successful Thumbnails for the video file.

  • Set file coding parameters both for each file separately and for group of files.
Interaction with the software:
  • Solve professional tasks of video edition applying the user interface.

  • Work with the application via the command line.

    How to work with VideoCharge Studio via command line...

  • Use Wizard for more convenient work with the application.

  • Protect from unexpected completion of the files processing: it is possible to continue your work from the point of termination.

VideoCharge Studio - help for beginners!
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VideoCharge Studio: help for beginners!

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