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VideoCharge Studio
VideoCharge Studio is a video editing software which is intended for video converting and editing, adding watermarks, creating thumbnails, improving video quality by applying filters, creating of WEB video-sites, video batch processing, batch video editing and many other things.


VideoCharge Studio supports work with all main video formats which exist nowadays. The software allows you to convert video of WMV, AVI, MPEG, MOV, FLV, SWF, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, MKV formats. VideoCharge Studio also works with all main image formats.

The software has a large number of features for creation of video and graphic files. You can create several video files of different formats based on one video file; cut frames out of the video and save them as graphic files (thumbnails) or simply process a sequence of image files. VideoCharge Studio provides an ability to create video files and graphic files (thumbnails are created from the first or another specified frame) for them at the same time.

The software is optimized for the work with a large number of files: it can process folders with files.

The software allows you to edit video in "Without reencoding" mode that means that video will be edited within seconds and 100% of video quality will be saved.

The software allows you to name files or directories applying templates, so it is possible to use formatting while creating file names.

The software allows you to create thumbnail for torrent video that is a graphic file which displays several frames from the video file in table form and contains meta information about the video file, such as file name, size, duration and so on.


VideoCharge Studio is oriented on creation of video with watermarks and includes powerful work on drawing watermarks on each frame of video or graphic file.

You can create any watermark based on a graphic file or text. It is possible to set time for watermark display. It is a time range when watermark will be drawn on the frame. You can set one time range or specify an algorithm of watermark appearance on the frame (for example, randomly appearance) or use SRT file for reading exact information about time of watermark appearance/disappearance and what kind of text should be drawn (add subtitles directly into the video).

There is an ability to set method of watermark appearance/disappearance, use text from a text file to display in the video, set vector of watermark moving throughout the frame while video playing, apply different effects such as shadow, extrusion, embossment, turn watermark through any angle, duplicate watermark through the entire frame (tile effect) and many other things.

You can use an animated image (GIF file) or any video file as a watermark.

Using "Without reencoding" mode, you can add a watermark to video in a wink in case when this watermark should be displayed at a small video fragment.

Image editing

VideoCharge Studio includes a powerful set of filters for image correction and a convenient mechanism for setting filter parameters.

The software allows you to change video or image scale without losing their quality, set aspect ratio, overturn video or image, CROP, apply auto contrast, auto level, set gamma, contrast, edit color balance, edit colors.

Upon that all corrections of the image and CROP can be applied both to a single file or a group of files.

VideoCharge Studio allows you to blur a part of an image. At the same time you can blur any object moving throughout the frame, for example, personage's eyes. To do that, it is enough to preliminary play the video and save blur movement.

Video editing

VideoCharge Studio is a video editor and includes a wide range of abilities for video editing.

You can split video file into several parts by time or specified number of parts. It is also possible to join several video files and set switches between them. You can create video file on the base of graphic files sequence plus an audio file; extract a scene or scenes of the video file and save them as separate video files; remove a scene or scenes from the video file; embed a video clip into a sequence of video files; add an audio file over the existed one (e.g. add background sound) or change video file's sound; embed and image into the video file and set time for its display.

All edit operations can be combined with usage of "Without reencoding" mode. In this case you can save 100% of original video quality and perform the operation within minutes.

Additional abilities to create files for WEB.

VideoCharge Studio is a software for WEB masters and it includes functionalities for generation of HTML pages with created video or graphic files displayed on them.

The software allows you to cut frames out of the video file, save them as graphic files, distribute files into directories and, using your HTML template, generate necessary number of pages to view graphic files via the Internet. By analogy, while creating video files, the software will create a video file, thumbnails for it and an HTML page to view this file via the Internet. The software includes variables that allow you to create site of any complication.

VideoCharge Studio allows you to create HTML pages to view video using FLASH player or any other player applied by the user.

The software also includes FTP client which allows you to upload all created files on your FTP server.

Preliminary work with files which will be created.

VideoCharge Studio provides an ability to view all video files which will be created and edit them. It can be used to speed up the process of creation of video galleries. This is achieved by an ability to delete unnecessary files from the list of generated files and select the most successful frames for thumbnails.

Upon editing a large number of files different by their quality, you can correct image for each file separately or all at once; set CROP and also draw different watermarks for different files.

Interaction with the software.

VideoCharge Studio is a fully functional editor which includes user interface to perform professional tasks. The software allows you to play video files, preview results, perform montage operations, correct an image, set watermarks, apply CROP and do many other things.

VideoCharge Studio also includes a Wizard which helps you to perform main software operations quick and easy. Upon using the Wizard it is not necessary to know how to work with video files or with the application either.

For quick video editing you can work with the application via the command line.

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