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Field of use.
The software is primarily meant for webmasters who publish videos or images on web servers.
For that VideoCharge possesses a complete set of features:
  • Enables to split files into parts
  • Allows to create thumbnails for every produced video file
  • Includes built-in FTP client
  • Provides ability to protect videos and graphics files by putting a watermark over image
  • Allows to extract single frames of video files and save them as graphics files
  • Enables to preview all output files before processing along with ability to exclude any one of them
  • Possesses a flexible mechanism of creation of the output filename
VideoCharge is intended also for people, who require flash editing of video files without changing the original format.

It provides ability to produce videos without decompression and subsequent compression of every frame, which allows to edit huge videos practically on flow: split videos into smaller clips, join single-type files into a single one, etc.

Some WMV files can't be navigated for lack of indexes and so can be watched starting from the first frame only. VideoCharge enables to perform prompt indexation of such WMV files and thus completely resolve the problem.

VideoCharge can help you when you have a file that, for example, can't fit in a CD, and you want to split it into a few parts, no more than 700MB apiece. By means of VideoCharge, using "Without Reencoding" mode and split by size, you can do that in just a few minutes!

VideoCharge is a video converter. In other words, it enables to convert videos from one format into another. Here all the operations concerned with process settings are simplified to the maximum and don't require special knowledge. Thousands files can actually be reencoded by one click! If you have an old video archive and want to convert it into one of the modern video formats, make use of VideoCharge to save your time!

The software can be applied to extracting frames of video files and saving them into one of supported image formats. It provides rich facilities for adjustment, preview and selection of frames for posterior saving.

Extraction can be performed in two ways. In automatic mode you can create a thumbnail (small graphics file) out of the first frame of produced movie, extract frames regularly (by setting time intervals or specifying number of frames) or extract all moive's frames without exception. Another way is to select the necessary frames manually, via the Editor, that enables to preview them before extracting.

Thumbnails can be created for sequences of graphics files as well.

VideoCharge fits the users who need to extract or remove scenes of videos. It enables to create a thumbnail (out of the first or specified frame) for every selected scene. Segments of audio files can be extracted or removed as well.

The software is also meant for users who need to protect video or image files from illegal copying. It allows to add watermark (text or graphics file) to image, includes a broad set of parameters that influence watermark appearance.

VideoCharge is particularly optimized for processing a great number of files (batch processing). It enables to edit whole folders with files and subfolders inside. If you have a vast video collection and want to reencode it into one of the modern video formats, apply filters, add watermarks - VideoCharge will certainly help you.

The application can also be used for joining sequences of video or audio files into a single file. Here if all the files are of the same format, they can be joined without exhausting decompression and posterior compression of each file. A sequence of graphics files can be merged into a singe video file as well.

VideoCharge can handle DVDs as well as VOB and IFO files. The software allows to extract DVD chapters and save them as separate files. VOB files can be processed singly, regardless of whether index file are present or not.

VideoCharge enables to automatize editing of video, audio and image files. Command line support has been included in the software for that purpose.

Finally, VideoCharge can be used simply for playback of video files.

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