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The list of differences between the versions of the software
  Full Pro Express Basic
Basic Functions + + + +
Editing without reencoding + - + -
Video and Audio Encoding + + - +
Dynamic File Name + + + -
Command Line Support + + + -
MOV Format Support + + + -
Flash Format Support + + + -
MP4 Format Support + + - -
RM Format Support + + - -
Processing folders with files + + + -
Header Video and Footer Video + + + -
Lanczos3 Resampling Algorithm + + - -
Watermark Extra Functions + + - -
FTP Client + + + -
FullVideoCharge Full
ProVideoCharge for Professionals
ExpressVideoCharge Express
BasicVideoCharge Basic

Basic Functions Basic functions mean all functions that are not given a separate definition in this table.
Editing without reencoding Enables to edit files on flow, without decoding and further encoding. Details
Video and Audio Encoding Enables to convert a file from one format into another, to modify file attributes. Details
Dynamic File Name Enables to include dynamic variables - source file name, order number of a produced file and others - in the name of the produced file.
Command Line Support Enables to operate the software via command line. Details
MOV Format Support Enables to create MOV files as well as to convert MOV files into other formats.
Flash Format Support Enables to create Flash files (FLV and SWF) as well as to convert Flash files into other formats.
MP4 Format Support Enables to convert MP4 files into other formats.
RM Format Support Enables to convert RM files into other formats.
Editing folders with files Enables to process entire directories with files, including subdirectories in case of need. Details
Header Video and Footer Video Enables to insert a small video clip in the beginning and/or end of a produced video file. Details
Lanczos3 Resampling Algorithm The present day it's the best one of existing resampling algorithms.
Watermark Extra Functions Includes ability to put watermark onto a video fragment rather than a whole video file and other functions. Details
FTP Client Enables to upload the produced files to remote FTP servers.
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