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Converting Videos and Pictures

Watermark Master is a video and graphic converter. In other words, it provides ability to convert movies and pictures from one format to another.


To access the basic conversion settings, open the "Profile Settings" dialog window. In the Main section you can adjust the following parameters:


  • Output format - the format the source files will be converted to.

  • Frames per second - the frame rate, or the number of frames used to represent one second of the produced video file. This parameter is not available when one of the graphic formats is selected above. It take one of the following values:


  1. Keep original frame rate - uses the source file's frame rate.

  2. 15 fps (AVI standard).

  3. 23.98 fps (NTSC film).

  4. 24 fps (film).

  5. 25 fps (PAL).

  6. 29.97 (NTSC).

  7. 30 fps (NTSC).

  8. User defined - enables to enter a custom frame rate in the field on the right.


  • Framerate smoothness - if enabled, the frame rate compensation mechanism will be used in case of reduction of frame rate (as compared with the source file's one).



The increase of the frame rate value (relative to the source file's one) will certainly not improve the video quality. Moreover, in this case the quality may be even lost, since a less number of bits will be used for representation of every produced frame.


The decrease of the frame rate value may improve the quality of every single frame and decrease the size of the produced video (since it will include less number of frames as compared to the source video). But at that some of the source frames will be inevitably lost (use the "Framerate smoothness" parameter to minimize the losses), and the produced file may play jerkily.


We recommend to use the original frame rate value, unless you are going to carry out a specific task.


  • Include audio stream - if enabled, the source file's audio stream will be processed and included in the produced file. In this case the Audio section becomes available.


Below you can add the following information to the header of any processed file:


  • Name.

  • Author.

  • Copyright.


If the "Output format" parameter is set to one of the video formats, you are provided access to the Video and Audio sections, where you can set parameters of the video and audio codec.


We recommend you to read the "Output Format Settings" chapter to learn more about the video and audio codec settings.

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