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Release 2.12
Working with Watermark Master
     Install and Uninstall
     First Steps
     Working with Profiles
     Adding Source Files
     Setting Destination Folder
     Resizing Videos and Pictures
     Enhancing Videos and Pictures
     Cropping Videos and Pictures
     Setting Timelines for Videos
     Creating Thumbnails and Grabbing Frames
     Converting Videos and Pictures
     Splitting Videos into Parts
     Batch processing.
         Creating Your First Watermark
         Adding Text Watermark
         Adding Image Watermark
         Adding Video or Animated GIF Watermark
         Adding Rectangle Watermark
         Adding Ellipse Watermark
         Positioning and Resizing Watermarks
         Working with Styles
         Editing Watermark's Timeline
         Working with Multiple Watermarks
         How to Display a Watermark Multiple Times?
         Applying Filters
         Applying Effects
         Applying Dynamic Effects
     Video Montage
     Output format settings
Advanced Features
Use multy watermarks

Working with Multiple Watermarks

Watermark Master allows to add any desirable quantity of watermark at once, which makes it possible to combine watermarks of different types together. For example, you can add a Rectangle watermark and then put a text watermark over the rectangle.



Selecting multiple watermarks.


To select all added watermarks, open menu Edit > Select All or press CTRL+A.


To select only the required watermarks, CTRL-click or SHIFT-click them one after another. Also you can CTRL-click a selected watermark to deselect it.



Managing the selected watermarks.


After several watermarks are selected, you can:


  • Adjust their common properties in the "Properties" window.

  • Move them together (hold SHIFT, then click and drag them).

  • Delete them at once.

  • Align them relative to each other (make use of ? button on the Watermark toolbar or open menu Edit > Align > [direction]).



Layering watermarks.


Sometimes it may happen that a bigger watermark covers a smaller one. In such cases you can simply change the watermarks' display order. For that make use of one of the following commands:


  • Bring to Top - the selected watermark will be placed on the top in the hierarchy of watermarks. To execute the command, click button on the Watermark toolbar or open menu Watermark > Bring to Top (or press CTRL+T).


  • Send to Bottom - the selected watermark will be sent to the bottom in the hierarchy of watermarks. To execute the command, click button on the Watermark toolbar or open menu Watermark > Send to Bottom (or press CTRL+M).


In the "Profiles" window you can watch the changes in the hierarchy of watermarks:


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